• How to retrieve the forgotten WiFi password

    As Smartphone gets popularized, many people use WiFi to browse the internet, send and receive emails, and chat with friends online. However when we save the password (WPA2) on our handset, we may not recall it later. For example, when friends and relatives come visit us, most of them ask for the WiFi password.  I […]

  • Three tips on removing scratches from mobile screen

    It seems now people can’t live without cell phone, especially Smartphone. We use it to browse the internet, send and receive Emails, stream videos, and play games or listen to music. Some people even take their handset wherever they go. However when you buy a new cell phone, you surely do not want to see […]

  • A few tips on saving your battery life

    Android phone hardware are getting more and more powerful. Now we get over 2G frequency cpu, over 400M frequency GPU. Here comes the most important, larger screen. For example, Samsung Galaxy SIII has a huge 4.8′ screen, not to mention note II’s incredible 5.5 display. However we have to charge our battery once everyday with […]

  • Secret codes for Motorola feature phone

    Motorola has been focusing on making and marketing Android phone since its buyout by the search giant Google. However Motorola used to be well known as its feature phone, and it initiated the Symbian OS. These codes below apply to Moto feature phone exclusively and don’t waste your time trying them on its Android phone. […]

  • Secret codes for LG feature phone

    Please note these codes are exclusively for LG feature phones. In the past we did not have so many Smartphone as  iPhone and Android phone. LG did a terrific job in producing and selling those feature phones although they are not so successful at Smartphone. LG mobile devices, to some extent are a little different […]

  • Secret Service Code for Samsung phone

    Samsung now leads the Smartphone industry. It’s also the biggest Android maker in terms of sales volume and popularity. In the meatime Samsung is manufacturing Windows Phone as well. These service codes below do not work on mobile platforms above-mentioned. They only apply to Samsung feature phones, possibly on its Symbian phone as well. So […]

  • Secret service codes for Sony Ericsson phone

    Sony Ericsson, as a mobile phone brand, disappeared a while ago. But its phones are still seen everywhere, both feature phone and Smartphone. I myself have a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, the screen and camera are really better than many others, although the hardware sucks (Sony’s really cheap). These codes however, do not apply to […]